Friday, September 3, 2010


A few days ago I became the proud owner of a Kindle 3. My very first Kindle. After ordering on July 29th I've had a lot of time to learn as much as possible about the Kindle.

One of the things I found out was that there were a lot of free books (also lovingly called Freebies) available on Amazon for its American customers. Unfortunately, I also learned soon that most of these are not free for customers who are -like me- based in Europe. Not only that; while the Freebies for US based customers are easily found through blogs and services like Kindle IQ, there is no place for European people to come and find them. Which is why I decided to set up this blog.

Now please, understand that there aren't a lot of free books available on Amazon for us right now. That means that 1. I can't promise daily updates and 2. I may even miss out on some.
Hopefully this will all change soon now that more and more people from Europe are getting Kindles. In the meantime I would like to ask for your help. If you stumble upon a book that is completely free for us in Europe, please contact me and I will add it to the blog as soon as possible.

Please note: occasionally I may post cheap reads that I enjoyed as well. I will make sure to let you know it's not a free read in the title of the post.

Thank you for your help and please enjoy this blog and the freebies posted.


  1. Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for starting this blog.
    Like you, I live in the Netherlands.

    A couple of free ebooks (all classics) I found so far:

    Alcestis [Kindle Edition] - by Euripides
    Ethics [Kindle Edition] - by Aristotle
    Leviathan [Kindle Edition] - by Thomas Hobbes
    Utilitarianism [Kindle Edition] - by John Stuart Mill
    Harold : the Last of the Saxon Kings Volume 01 [Kindle Edition] - by Baron Bulwer Lytton
    Harold : the Last of the Saxon Kings Volume 12 [Kindle Edition] - by Baron Bulwer Lytton

    I've downloaded them to my 'Kindle for PC', and yep, they're freebies !


  2. Thank you Ruud! I'll try to add them as soon as possible :)